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USMC PSEP – Prior Service Enlistment Program – Part 1

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Over the last 60 days I have attempted to find all the information pertaining to PSEP or Broken Service Reenlistment in the Marines Corps.  This post is a long hand explanation of current(Jan 2011) policies regarding this program.

First,  the issue of responsible party for handling the accession is contentious.  This issue is addressed in the MCO P1040.31J in Chapter 4 Section 1 Paragraph 5 bullet b.

b. Broken. A former Marine who reenlists in the Regular Marine Corps
while having been separated from the Regular Marine Corps for more than 90
days. An active duty recruiter, per
MCO 1130.80A, Prior Service and Reserve
Augmentation Enlistments into the Regular Marine Corps, may submit broken
reenlistment requests.

Hopefully, these two references will help you stop getting passed off onto some other person.  Translated you will need to have a RSS(Recruiting Sub Station) recruiter sponsor your reenlistment.  It is also a rumor that the recruiter does not receive credit for the accession, THIS IS FALSE.

MCO 1130.80A

ENC (1) 2. b. Accession Credit. Marines reenlisted per this enclosure count for
accession credit.

ENC (2) 2. b. Accession Credit. Marines reenlisted per this enclosure count for
accession credit.

ENC (3) 2. b. Accession Credit
(1) Obligated Reserve Marines who reenlist do not count as an
accession credit.
(2) Non Obligated Reserve Marines who reenlist will count as an
accession credit.

After you have identified your recruiting sponsor you will need to identify your PSEP classification, there are 4 types.  I will address each type below:

FTAP – You served one initial contract and EAS’d.  Minimum rank of Cpl (waiver-able).  A reenlistment code of RE-1A or RE-1B is required.  Rank retained.

STAP –  You have served one or more contracts and have the minimum rank of Sgt.  A reenlistment code of RE-1A or RE-1B is required.  Cannot have received separations pay.  Rank Retained.

Reserve – You are obligated or non obligated reserve component Marine.  More on this later.

The above two steps are arguably the hardest to complete.

Some basic PSEP guidelines:

  1. No packages are excepted in the first fiscal quarter of the year.
  2. MOS’s are only available until their retention target is reached.
  3. District Recruiting commands will have to pull the available boat spaces after January 1st to determine what is available.
  4. What MOS’s are closed for the year are release via MARADMIN’s.
  5. You will need to meet the prerequisites of the MOS prior to submittal reference MCO 1200.17.

If you have determined that your classification as STAP or FTAP then you simply need to begin completing the attached checklist.

PSEP Checklist

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