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11 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. thatsheldongirl

    Do they normally come out in the morning? I’m asking because I want to know if there’s a chance they could still come out today.

  2. Joseph Ortiz

    I am the prior service recruiter for San Bruno CA 12th MD. Can you add the recruiter duty cell number on the website?
    SSgt Joseph Ortiz

  3. Caleb Ogilvie

    I’m a former usmc Sgt I did 4 year active duty and 5 in the reserves I was involuntarily dropped from my local unit in Virginia. I was with because it’s a combat engineer unit and I’m motor t. I’m trying to get back in the reserves and finish out my career in the marines. I have already contacted a prior service recruiter but I submitted all my paper work I. November and he’s dragging his feet. I would like to do my drills in or near Virginia North Carolina West Virginia or Tennessee if any one knows a prior service recruiter in or near those areas or if your a prior service recruiter reading this please contact me asap. My email is [email protected]

  4. Allen Dudley

    Im currently in the Oklahoma City area and im in search of a prior service recruiter.
    I can be reached by email or phone, 404-453-1251.

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